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Vintage Sunglasses and Eyeglasses. Authentic, old, unworn.

Vintage Sunglasses has been convincing lovers of vintage glasses since 2006 with its comprehensive and exclusive range of rare glasses and sunglasses from the 70s, 80s, 90s to young classics.


That's what makes vintage glasses so special

These vintage frames are an old original product from past decades and not a modern reproduction or even retro glasses. Often these old models are still handmade and were produced in countries with high quality standards (e.g. "made in Germany").


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2 sunglasses designs by Jacques Marie Mage


Cazal Eyewear Designer Cari Zalloni



A Shop for rare Vintage Glasses

Every pair of vintage glasses you'll find in our store is an original from the 70s, 80s or 90s - and some young classics from the 2000s.

This means you will NOT find any retro glasses or retro sunglasses in our range, but only genuine vintage glasses or sunglasses. Every old pair of designer glasses tells its own story.

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Where do these old originals come from?

How are we able to offer this variety of original glasses spanning many decades? Our worldwide network of contacts helps us to track down these old treasures. Unfortunately, these are mostly unique pieces or a limited number of a particular model, especially as we only ever want to sell you unworn vintage glasses.

In addition, every vintage pair of glasses is an authentic accessory of past decades that is no longer available. It is very difficult today to find the old original glasses in an unworn condition.

In our new collections, you’ll currently find a few pairs of Cartier glasses and stunning 80s glasses by Cazal as well as several classic 90s and 2000s glasses by Lunor.


HipHop Glasses

Why are these old glasses so popular?

For many of our customers, it’s the attitude towards life that vintage sunglasses give. Wearing an authentic original is something special. Some glasses lovers remember the times when these models were originally released.

The design of many of these old glasses is also unique. This is the reason why not only individualists, but also many stars repeatedly attract attention with old original glasses.

Other fashion fans simply enjoy the fact that they have purchased an individual model of a pair of sunglasses that no one else in your area has.

Many wearers of vintage glasses appreciate the price-performance ratio of their vintage glasses, because back then the glasses were still manufactured to last a lifetime.

Vintage Sunglasses

Who is behind Vintage Sunglasses?

Vintage-Sunglasses is a small team of opticians and lovers of antiques of all kinds. Founded in 2006, the company specializes in the laborious discovery of vintage glasses and sunglasses. The Vintage-Sunglasses.de online shop was the world's first supplier of unworn original glasses from the 70s to 90s and has served as a benchmark for the industry ever since.

Alone the expert optician at Vintage-Sunglasses can already look back on almost 40 years of experience with glasses and was already around when today's vintage glasses were still brand new collections. The expertise of the entire team is highly valued by customers, specialist dealers, designers, and collectors around the world, but also by courts and insurance companies when it comes to proving originality or evaluating certain vintage models.