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Frequently asked questions about our Vintage Sunglasses

1. Are the sunglasses offered by Vintage-Sunglasses always originals from the 70’s through the 90’s in an unworn condition?

Yes. We sell original glasses and sunglasses exclusively from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. All of our models are unworn and in mint condition. We DON’T sell new replicas - strictly according to our motto: NO Retro – 100% Vintage!

Admittedly, some exquisite vintage glasses have now become so rare that we can no longer meet the demand just with unworn models. So to ensure that we can make even more customers happy, we have recently begun including a few ‘second hand’ models in our range.

For us, ‘second hand’ means as good as new. All these glasses and sunglasses have been professionally refurbished by our master opticians and gleam like new. Often, non-specialists are not aware of the difference between ‘unworn’ and ‘as good as new’. For this reason, the descriptions of our eyewear always expressly mention if the glasses or sunglasses have had a proud owner before.

2. How is it possible for Vintage-Sunglasses to offer such an extensive range of old and unworn original sunglasses, since the models are at least 20 years old and are no longer manufactured?
A huge network of suppliers from all over the world is available to us. These contacts enable us to continue discovering new treasures. But finding such treasures often requires considerable effort and is very time consuming. You can find out more about the origin of the glasses here.
3. What is Vintage-Sunglasses and who are the people running the company?

Vintage-Sunglasses is a product of the Germany-based company VSA Fashion GmbH, located in Berlin and was founded in January 2006. The firm is registered in Germany and possesses a valid European VAT-Registration (VAT code DE 264 910 436).
Up to date, Vintage-Sunglasses has the largest assortment of vintage sunglasses on the internet and cooperates with numerous dealers and boutiques from around the world.
The firm consists of a young team of 10 employees, who are bound not exclusively but also by the passion for vintage objects.

4. How do I contact Vintage-Sunglasses?
Just write an email to: Our complete contact information is: VSA Fashion GmbH, Rungestr. 18, 10179 Berlin, Telephone: +49 (0) 30 91441366, Fax: +49 (0) 30 91547316.
5. Is using a credit card safe on Vintage Sunglasses?

For the online merchant – that means us! – credit cards are by far one of the least secure forms of payment.

To protect ourselves from fraud, our credit card payment process always involves two steps.
In the first step, the sum to be paid is pre-authorised. This is not a charge and does not debit funds from your account. Pre-authorisation only checks that sufficient funds are available, and temporarily puts the amount to be paid on hold.
Together with our bank, we then check this is a genuine payment. Once we (and our bank) are convinced the transaction is genuine, the process moves to the second step, the actual payment (known as the ‘capture’).
Depending on the credit card supplier, as much as 24 hours may elapse between pre-authorisation and capture.

When your order has been successfully completed and paid for, your credit card statement lists two items. Both pre-authorisation (reserving the amount) and capture (the charge placed on your account) appear on your statement. However, only the capture actually charges your account for the sum listed.
This payment process with pre-authorisation and capture is also used by hotels at check in and by car hire companies. If you prefer not to use our credit card payment system, you can also pay in other ways, e.g., through Paypal or a bank transfer.

We have been operating our online shop since 2006. Unfortunately, over the years, we have been regularly confronted with cases of attempted credit card fraud.
For this reason, if there are the slightest grounds to doubt that a transaction is genuine, we cancel the pre-authorisation.

6. How can I know if a model fits? How are the size measurements to be interpreted?

With our glasses, height, width and bow length are measured. The width is measured from the inside of the left bow to the inside of the right bow, which approximately equals the face width. The height of the glasses is measured by the height of the entire frame. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR OWN EYEGLASSES OR SUNGLASSES AND COMPARE WITH OUR MEASUREMENTS.


Here a small orientation assistance:

  horizontal width temple length

110 – 119 mm
(4" – 4.6")

110 – 129 mm
(4" – 5")


120 - 129 mm
(4.7" – 5")

110 – 129 mm
(4" – 5")
M 130 - 137 mm
(5.1" – 5.3")
130 - 139 mm
(5.1" – 5.8")
L 138 - 144 mm
(5.4" – 5.7")
140 - 150 mm
(5.5" – 6")
XL 145 - 155 mm
(5.7" – 6.1")
140 - 150 mm
(5.5" – 6")


(The height of the glasses is a style attribute and has no influence on the fit.)

Please consider, that all models can be individually fitted to your face by a professional. The bow width and length have a certain latitude. This service is often rendered by opticians without any cost. So if you like the glasses, but they don’t fit 100%, we recommend you to contact an optician first.

7. Do I have a right of return in case the sunglasses do not fit, or I’m not satisfied for other reasons?

Yes, there is a money-back-guarantee, if the merchandise is returned (in flawless condition) within 14 days after reception. But in case of a return from outside the European Union, 25% service fees will be charged. (See point 5 of our terms and conditions and also see our return policy)

8. Why does Vintage-Sunglasses charge a service fee of 25% when I return glasses from outside the EU?

The German customs charges us this fee for the processing and re-importation of the returned goods. It is not a fee that we charge for our efforts, but is merely compensation for the costs that every return entails for us. Therefore, we advise in the order process – in our GTCs and FAQs under " How can I know if a model fits? How are the size measurements to be interpreted?" – checking the size carefully and making the decision to buy with this in mind.

The size specifications are part of every item description and can be checked in our FAQs (FAQ6). We also recommend every customer to contact us before making a purchase decision if there are any questions regarding the size or about vintage glasses in general.

9. Why does the reshipment of my product take so long?

German customs control employs random sampling of packages which are not from the European Union. The processing time can amount to 6 weeks, since the packages must pass two customs offices (in Frankfurt/ Main and Berlin).

Unfortunately, German customs control is unable to align their procedures with the online-tracking system of the German post. This is the reason for untrue information being forwarded. We remain in close contact to the German post and therefore would encourage our customers to initially contact our customer´s service to acquire information with regard to the processing status of their product.

We will reimburse the original cost as soon as the returned product arrives at our office.

Still, we need to point out that every reshipment is associated with high costs and a considerable amount of time spent. Because of the expected inconvenience we encourage our customers to check size and model thoroughly before purchase.


10. How can it be that international delivery takes longer than announced?

We send all of our international packages with UPS Express. As a rule, all shipments are delivered within a week.

Now and then as well as at regular intervals (e.g. holidays) a delay might occur in mail delivery. These are circumstances that cannot be influenced by us. Furthermore, it may happen that customs control holds up a sending for several days.

Therefore we send all our packages fully insured and provided with a sending number. We also have the possibility to initiate an official inquiry after 7 days. Our experience shows that usually the packages are delivered reliably. Still we apologize for any prolonged waiting period.

11. What are the shipping and handling costs?

Here you will find shipping costs sorted by country/continent. Within Europe the shipping cost is 19,90 EUR. For shipping to Canada and USA it's 29,90 EUR. Worldwide it's 39,90 Euro.

We ship all international orders with UPS Express. You will normally receive your order within a week.

12. Is the merchandise insured when ordering from Vintage-Sunglasses?

All shipments are fully insured.

13. Why is the original packaging missing with some of the models and why are some vintage glasses not absolutely flawless?

Since we offer exclusively older originals (which are manufactured no longer), it is not possible to order further accessories. Our sunglasses are at least 20 years old and over time have been stored in several different locations.

As a result, it’s only too understandable that over the years some or all the accessories have been lost (pouches, cases, cleaning cloths, interchangeable lenses, certificates, etc.).
Yet this is also, at the same, an indication of the authenticity of our eyewear. It would be more than unbelievable if all these genuine vintage glasses from the 1970s to the 1990s came with a complete set of original accessories.

The same applies to the condition of many vintage glasses. Even though most of the eyewear we offer has never been worn, these glasses can sometimes still have minor traces of their former life in storage. Rather than such traces indicating defects or flaws, they add to the vintage character which is such an attraction in these glasses.
In that sense, an old vintage model in a clinically new condition is a contradiction in terms.

14. Will my sunglasses (or glasses) be delivered in the original case and are further accessories included?

The scope of delivery contains exactly the accessories which are displayed on the advertising photos and item descriptions, respectively. If there is no indication of a case in the item description, the glasses will come in a case from Vintage-Sunglasses.

15. Does Vintage-Sunglasses deliver world-wide?

Yes, we deliver world-wide. We ship all international orders with UPS Express. Every shipment is registered and it’s course can be followed online, anytime. Usually, all shipments are delivered within a week.

16. Is overnight delivery possible?

Yes, this is possible for many delivery locations. Please contact us before ordering!

17. Why do the absolute dollar prices fluctuate sometimes at Vintage-Sunglasses?

Vintage-Sunglasses is a European company and trades in the Euro currency. For our American customers, prices are also displayed in US-dollars. Since the US-dollar is linked to the Euro, our dollar prices vary, according to global currency fluctuations.

18. Is there a place, where the eyewear may be tried on?

Yes, we offer visits at our office location at Rungestr. 18 in Berlin, Germany.

Please call +49 (0) 30 91441366 or write an e-mail to in advance, in order to make an individual appointment.

19. Is it possible for Vintage-Sunglasses to obtain certain vintage models for me?

Please send your inquiry to and we will try to obtain the desired sunglasses model for you. Through our global network chances are good, that we will be successful in finding them for you. Still, we cannot make any promises, since we also rely on availability and a little luck in this matter - considering the fact that the production of our sunglasses has ceased a long time ago.

20. What is the best method of payment for my sunglasses?

We offer several methods of payment: Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfer. Details and modus operandi may be found under Payment methods.

21. I saw some cool sunglasses on the website the other day. Now they’re gone! Is the model still available?

Sorry, but no. Our sunglasses are mostly rare and unique items. The indicated amount listed at our website, equals the available stock. It is not unusual, that a sold item becomes no longer available. But please write to us anyway: There is always a chance to still get hold of a certain model.

22. Why do the see-trough lenses (with the brand inscriptions) often have scratches or other kinds of “flaws”?

The unworn state of our eyeglass-frames doesn’t necessarily imply that the inserted dummy lenses are scratch-free or otherwise untarnished. As the word “dummy” or “demo” indicates, those see-through lenses are inserted by the producer exclusively for protection and display purposes and must be replaced with prescription lenses consequently. Nowadays latest craze of keeping them inserted while wearing was neither intended nor foreseen by any respective manufacturer. Those lenses, therefore, are not very scratch resistant and durable in any way. Besides, dummy lenses do not provide any UV protection or impact safety and thus are not recommended to being inserted permanently.

23. Do I have to pay any additional taxes when I place an order at Vintage-Sunglasses?

All our vintage glasses will be dispatched from Berlin, Germany, European Union. Thus, it’s possible that you’re going to pay import duties / customs fees (according to the law of your country), when you’re placing an order from outside the EU. Sometimes, US customers must pay $25 FDA clearance fees, when the American FDA takes our vintage glasses as "medical devices".

24. Does Vintage-Sunglasses offer wholesale conditions?

Yes. For over 15 years, we have been supplying boutiques, opticians and vintage shops around the world. Our wholesale prices start at 20 items from our range of models. Since our procurement options vary, the discounts available apply to particular brands and models. To find out more, select at least 20 items from our shop and send your list to We will then reply with a customised offer. Please note that there are exceptions to wholesale discount. Some of our vintage sunglasses are so valuable that we are unable to offer them under wholesale conditions. Furthermore, we don't accept credit cards or Paypal for the wholesale business. Bank transfer only!

25. Can I get optical lenses (with diopter / prescription) into the vintage frames?

Of course. All our vintage frames are of excellent quality and are suitable for glazing. You can replace both the demo lenses of our eyewear and sun lenses with optical lenses. Each of our vintage glasses can thus be turned into sunglasses. Likewise, each of our vintage sunglasses can be used as regular prescription eyeglasses. Of course - as always in life - there are a few exceptions to the rule, feel free to contact us before buying, if you are in doubt.

26. Can I also order glasses with my prescription values at Vintage-Sunglasses?

No. We sell our products as seen and described. We do not manufacture optical lenses.

27. Do old sunglasses have UV-protection since some are more than 30 years old?

Yes. Back then as today CR39 UV400 glasses are employed as sun protection which equals premium optician`s quality. Some things are just not improved on. Furthermore, our product line encompasses only the most exquisite selection of quality designer models of these times. All of the manufacturers have built their reputation on quality and so have earned the rating “vintage”.

Beyond this, there are certain manufacturers of vintage sunglasses who have gained glory and fame especially because of their exceptionally high glasses quality from the 70`s through the 90`s. These are Ray-Ban, Persol Ratti and Zeiss, just to name a few. Their glasses quality remains unmatched.

28. Why does the Vintage-Sunglasses team react with irony when I question the originality of the products?

For the past 15 years Vintage-Sunglasses has been the leading provider of old original designer-glasses in Germany. Probably even worldwide.

Chris Prokop (the founder) is an expert in this area. He`s been principally involved with vintage models from the 70s to the 90s for the past decade. He has visited the former production locations of Alpina, Dior, Carrera Boeing, Porsche Design, Dunhill, Persol Ratti, Playboy, etc., and has personally cooperated with vintage legend Cari Zalloni (Mr. Cazal). Consequently Vintage-Sunglasses disposes of a substantial collection of old original catalogs of various labels as well as many contacts to manufacturers, wholesale dealers, general agents and opticians, who were foremost operative during the 80s.

Daniel, the optician in the team of, has been a passionate member of the business for the past 40 years and is an optician of the old school. His experience is invaluable.

Vintage-Sunglasses provides professional reports of expertise with regard to originality (for instance in court) and assesses the value of old models (insurances).

Accordingly, Vintage-Sunglasses can only smile benignly when questioned with regard to their competence.

So how would a fraudster react to the question: „are you a fraudster?" ;-)

29. Why doesn’t Vintage-Sunglasses offer a discount?

Our vintage sunglasses are rare old originals from the 1970s to the 1990s – and all in an unworn condition. Tracking down these remarkable and highly sought-after designer items (usually just individual pieces) requires considerable time and dedication, as well as financial resources. Yet quite apart from that, it would be contradictory to offer something so uniquely valuable at a discount price.

30. Why doesn’t Vintage-Sunglasses accept reservations?

The vast majority of our extensive selection of vintage glasses comprises rare individual items, and as soon as they are bought, they are out of stock. Keeping our inventory updated is an ongoing and complex task. For this reason, we do not accept reservations – not even against part payment. This policy allows every glasses lover – whether regular or new customers – the chance to acquire their own favourite pair of vintage glasses. In principle, we do not accept payment by instalments.

31. Why does Vintage-Sunglasses not respond to my request in terms of estimating the value or originality of my glasses?
After sharing our knowledge and experience for many years, we have recently noticed again and again that our free information was used commercially. Therefore, we do not offer any free consultations any longer - neither by phone nor by email. Going forward, we continue to prepare official reports with detailed analyzes and corresponding certificates. We charge 120, - Euro / hour.
32. How can my order get lost in transit?

We send countless pairs of glasses all over the world every year and can count on one hand the few that do not reach their destination. In our experience, Deutsche Post and UPS are the most reliable logistics providers, so we have intensified our cooperation with these two companies. But the staff at UPS and Deutsche Post are also human beings, who can sometimes make mistakes. In addition, technical faults or force majeure (e.g. storms) can disrupt standard procedures and lead to errors.

For this reason, we send all our vintage glasses insured, to at least be able to compensate the financial loss. The best we can do is apologise for the emotional disappointment when a pair of vintage sunglasses – which you have been excitedly waiting for – do not arrive, although this is only a small comfort. Also for us, the loss of each single vintage pair of glasses is more than frustrating, since so much effort and history lays behind the acquisition of our unique pieces. We may, therefore, ask you to remain realistic and patient in case the unexpected should occur, as we first have to give our logistics partners the opportunity to investigate.

33. I have further questions!

Further questions will be answered under or by phone 0049 (0)30/91441366.

34. Does Vintage-Sunglasses also buy glasses from private individuals?

Yes, but we only buy in large quantities.

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