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Cult Sunglasses of the 80's

Sporty Alpina vintage sunglasses M1


Made in West Germany sunglasses by Alpina

Alpina, the German traditional brand which has its headquarters near Augsburg, Germany, owns its fame to the legendary Model M1. The Alpina M1 is a giant model which was produced and sold in the 80s innumerable times and reached cult status before it even hit the stores. The price for an original Alpina M1 was accordingly high. An absolute must for connoisseurs and sunglass lovers is the engraved inscription "Handmade in West Germany" which is located on the inside of all originals. You can purchase authentic Alpina M1s in two different sizes 60/12 and 64/12 in our store. Naturally, only as long as they are not sold out!


Stevie Wonder with Alpina M1 sunglasses from the 80s

Steve Wonder

Alpina M1

The Alpina M1 definitely belongs to the most legendary vintage sunglasses ever and has been cult since the 80’s. Stevie Wonder made the Alpina M1 his trademark.

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