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Terms & Conditions

1. Basic

1. The act of sale will be accomplished between you as the customer and the VSA Fashion GmbH ( "VSA"), Managing director Christian Prokop, Rungestr. 18, 10179 Berlin, Germany, phone: +49 (0) 30 91441366, fax: +49 (0) 30 91547316.

2. By accepting our general Terms and Conditions you agree to the standard business conditions and consent to a lawfully binding declaration of intent to purchase the ordered product.


2. Payment

1. Money transfers within the EU are to be made to our bank account

2. Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

3. Cash payment

4. PayPal


3. Prices

1. The prices are always specified in the article description. The purchase price stated on the website shows the final price - including possible taxes. Particularly with regard to statutory value-added tax.

2. Cost of shipping and handling is not included in the purchase price and must be paid by the customer. Shipping and handling expenses are explained in point 4 "dispatch conditions and forwarding expenses".

3. International deliveries: In individual cases, further particulars (e.g. duties) from customs may occur and must be paid by the customer.

4. All prices in US$ are linked to the price in € (see our German domain The price displayed on the day of purchase is part of your order confirmation and will not be altered by later fluctuations of the conversion rate. The amount on your bank statement though might differ from the invoiced amount, due to later changes of the conversion rate.


4. Shipment conditions and forwarding expenses

1. The shipment of the product will only take place when payment in full has been received.

2. The shipment of the product (unless otherwise agreed) will take place one business day after receipt of payment.

3. The forwarding expenses for an article are 19.90 EUR within Europe and 39.90 EUR worldwide.

4. The customer will immediately receive a shipping number after the shipping of the product.

5. All shipments are fully insured.

6. Other shipping requirements (e.g. a higher insurance value or a different method of shipping) must be requested by the customer by emailing

7. Any information regarding the delivery time is derived from the general experiences and proposals of the particular delivery company. VSA Fashion GmbH cannot take responsibility for the possible prolongation of the delivery period specified by the delivery company. Customs control and other import authorities of the recipient country can delay consignments anytime for random sampling purposes without any deficiencies present regarding the documents for importation or the items themselves.


5. Revocation

1. The customer can return the product (in its original state) without giving reasons within 14 days. The term begins on receipt of the product by the customer.

2. Revocations can be made in writing or sending back and by returning the item, all within 14 days of the customer receiving the product. Revocation must be addressed to The product must be returned to: VSA Fashion GmbH, Rungestr. 18, 10179 Berlin, Germany. The parcel may be labeled as "returning goods" in order to release them from the customs.

3. The return shipment must take place in form of a registered mail piece invariably. VSA will not accept deliveries from courier service companies, such as FedEx, TNT or UPS and the like.

4. Consequences of the revocation: The customer is in charge of returning the product. In case of an effective return, both sides have to return their share in the state of receipt. Any product with visible wear and tear will not be refunded. In this case the customer has to pay compensation. IN CASE OF A RETURN FROM OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION, 25% SERVICE FEES WILL BE CHARGED.

5. In case of a flawless return VSA refunds the entire purchase price. The customer has to pay the costs of return.

6. The regulation issued by the EU regarding the two-year defect of quality guarantee cannot be sustained by VSA, since the offered merchandise consists exclusively of items at least ten or more years old. Consequently it must be regarded as second-hand and not as factory new merchandise. The warranty is therefore limited to twelve months.

7. Individually manufactured items (eyeglasses and sunglasses) for customers are non-returnable. The individually manufactured items for customers must be regarded as a departure from any shape or form presented in the product line.


6. Data protection and check of creditworthiness

1. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

2. VSA encodes all sensitive customer data by means of special SSL programming.

3. VSA is entitled, in case of a credit card payment.


8. Legal venue and applicable right

1. Legal venue for possible disputes resulting out of the contract is Berlin, Germany.

The EU Commission has established a web-based platform for online settlement of disputes between business and consumers. You can find this os-platform here:


9. General regulations

1. Verbal covenants do not exist. Changes and supplements to the contract and the mentioned terms and conditions must be in writing.

2. In case of part or entire nullity of any of the terms and conditions in this contract, remaining regulations are intact.


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