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60's, 70's, 80's, 90's

Eyeglasses of the 80's

In the Eighties, Optyl expanded its supremacy and opened further works in Austria, Germany, France, and Canada. Back then, also other noted brands realized that dealing with optics-related accessories is profitable and intensified developing their own collections. Bugatti, Cartier, Colani, Jaguar, Lacoste and Porsche made a great business of it. Porsche even revolutionized the market with its patent of exchangeable glasses. The ability of changing the sunglasses by one’s own made Porsche models 5623 and 5621 to bestsellers.

The Sunglasses-CHIC

But also other brands attracted attention to themselves with further development. Thus, Colani used for example titanium as a material for its frames and Christian Dior manufactured frameless glasses. Design and quality of sunglasses reached its peak at that time.

Besides the historical development of design and material, there still were some brands, which remained true to their principles. Thus, Zeiss, Ray-Ban and Persol still in part manufacture glasses or sunglasses with mineral-glazed lenses even today, in order to emphasize their claim to quality. Because despite the heavier weight, the mineral glasses still have some advantages compared to the plastic lenses, e.g. the increased scratch-resistance.


Off the mainstream, further brands became established back then through their own philosophy, which should not be left out here. Both German brands, Alpina and Cazal, sold their sunglasses a million times more by aiming at a certain group of customers. Alpina developed sunglasses for any kind of sports, and obtained excellent results with the legendary M1 model. Cazal to the contrary gained worldwide reputation by extrovert design and daring colors in the 80s.

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