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Shipping & Handling

Since we received very positive feedback from many customers regarding the reliable deliveries, we will in future be sending all of our orders out via UPS.

Therefore, we have decided to continue covering around 50% of the UPS costs from March 2022. The shipping costs for our customers will therefore be only:

within Europe

19,90 EUR

United States and Canada

29,90 EUR


39,90 EUR

Within Germany

We will still ship via DHL

7,90 EUR

When, as a result of the pandemic, the supply chains of national postal companies stopped working reliably in March 2020, we started sending all of our international shipments with UPS.

We absorbed the additional costs associated with this in full and continued to charge our customers only for normal post office shipping. We continued this subsidy of the shipping costs until March 2022, and we gathered a lot of experience in the process.

The most important realization over this two-year period was that UPS really does operate reliably and quickly. Virtually all orders reached our customers within a week, whether they were in America, Asia, Europe or Australia.

The only problem during this period was the costs associated with shipping, since UPS calculates its prices according to the destination country and current fuel costs. We always only charged our international customers Euro 11.90, for example, although we would pay the following to UPS:

Euro 55 to 65 for a shipment to the USA or Canada
Euro 60 to 75 for a shipment to China or Japan
Euro 70 to 85 for a shipment to Australia, New Zealand or the UAE
Euro 35 to 55 for a shipment within the EU

However, the virtually total subsidization of the UPS shipping costs is not economically viable for us. We do realize, however, that quality costs. We also want to make sure, of course, that our rare, vintage glasses don't get lost and reach their destination reliably.

We would like to make the shipping costs as transparent as possible for our customers. Therefore, it is worth mentioning at this point that UPS shipping costs are dependent on multiple factors.

  1. The basic amount a shipper negotiates with UPS. This depends on the weekly shipping volumes.
  2. The destination country and the country region. UPS charges a Euro 35 surcharge for deliveries to remote areas (e.g. islands or rural places).
  3. Peak surcharge (this has been continuous since Corona).
  4. Fuel supplement (this varies continuously according to the prices on the global market).
  5. Surcharge for deliveries to private homes / addresses.
  6. Surcharge for proof of shipping (signature of the recipient).

This demonstrates quite clearly how the final shipping price is calculated. However, we would like to reiterate that we have had excellent experiences with UPS, and we do not want to make savings at the wrong end.

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