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Here, you can find all stars whose classic sunglasses we could "identify". You still know of other celebrities and their preferred choice of sunglasses? Then please let us and our visitors know. You can add your informations below. As a special token of our appreciation for your contribution, we will draw one winner out of the first 100 entries and reward him/her a pair of Cazal 901 Targa.

Al Pacino
Al Pacino
Cazal 968
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Persol 58230 Ratti
Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken
Cartier Vendome Santos
Dan Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd
Ray Ban Wayfarer
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe
Algha Savile Row Round
Don Johnson
Don Johnson
Carrera 5512
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Algha Savile Row Panto
John Lennon
John Lennon
Algha Round
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp
Peter Fonda
Peter Fonda
Ray Ban Olympian I DeLuxe
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen
Persol 714 Ratti Folding
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono
Porsche 5620
celebrity glasses event
Al Pacino Cazal 968 movie Donnie Brasco, 1997
Al Pacino Linda Farrow 6031 1983 - movie "Scarface"
Amber Rose (model) Porsche 5693 2009 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York
Amerie (US Soul Singer) Cazal 865 Derek Blanks Promo Photoshoot
Armand Van Helden Cazal 951 "I want your soul" videoclip
Arnold Schwarzenegger Persol 58230 Ratti 1991 - movie "Terminator 2"
Ashlee Simpson Ray Ban Wayfarer I Mosaic seen in L.A.
Audrey Hepburn Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer movie "breakfast at Tiffany's"
Ben Affleck Ray Ban Olympian I Movie - Dare Devil
Beyoncé Knowles Cazal 907 "Upgrade U" video
Big Boi from Outkast Porsche 5623 Movie ATL
Big Boi from Outkast Cazal 643 in the Movie ATL
Big Boi from Outkast Porsche 5621 BET Awards 2008
Brad Pitt Cazal 735 occassionally on the red carpet
Brittany Murphy Cazal 858 2002 - as "Nikki" in the movie "Spun"
Casandra Ventura (alias Cassie) Cazal 901 Targa private
Cassie- US singer R&B Cazal 731 DrewReports ( hip hop website )
Cee Lo Green Alpina M1 On his Facebook and MySpace profile
Charles Dance Ray Ban Wayfarer Last Action Hero
Chloe Sevigny Ray Ban Wayfarer 2008 - on various occasions
Chloe Sevigny Ray Ban Wayfarer Max 2008 - her favorite private glasses
Christina Aguilera Christian Dior 2056 she has worn them in public at the beginning of 2009
Christopher Walken Cartier Vendome Santos JAMES BOND MOVIE "A VIEW TO KILL" 1985
Clifton Collins jr. Cazal 902 Targa Movie "Crank 2 High Voltage" wearing as El Hurrone
Clint Eastwood Ray Ban Balorama 1971 - movie "Dirty Harry"
Cuba Gooding Jr. Ray Ban Caravan movie "Linewatch"
Dan Aykroyd Ray Ban Wayfarer Blues Brothers Movie 1980. Aykroyd trug eine schwarze Wayfarer II.
Daniel Radcliffe Algha Savile Row Round Harry Potter (1990’s)
Darren "Buffy" Robinson - the Human Beat Box Cazal 623 Occasionally throughout his carreer at the "Fat Boys"
David Beckham Porsche 5629 going out in LA with Victoria
David Bowie Neostyle College ocassionally at shows and in his private life
David Hasselhoff Ray Ban Outdoorsman K2000 Knight Rider 1982-1986
Demi Moore Neostyle Jet ocassionally in her private life
Denzel Washington Ray Ban Clubmaster Malcolm X 1992
Denzel Washington Persol 69218 Ratti 1990 - as 'Napoleon Stone' in the movie "Heart Condition"
DJ Hell – DJ und Produzent aus Berlin (Germany) Porsche 5629 one of his favourite shades. See the Happy Customer column at this shop!!!
Don Johnson Ray Ban Wayfarer II 1986 - series "Miami Vice"
Don Johnson Persol 69218 Ratti Miami Vice (3. season)
Don Johnson Carrera 5512 He wore them in the pilot episode of the show Miami Vice (1984). The same shades was used by Philip Michael Thomas some episodes later.
Don Johnson Persol 09219 Ratti, black with mirrored lenses Miami Vice series
Don Johnson Alpina TR4 Miami Vice First Season in Several Episodes
Don King Neostyle Nautic often seen with them in the 80s and 90s
Drew Barrymore Ray Ban Wayfarer I
Eddie Murphy Porsche 5621 Beverly Hills Cop II
Egyptian Lover Cazal 951 record covers
Elizabeth Taylor Neostyle Society ocassionally at shows and in her private life
Elton John Silhouette Futura 570 occasionally at concerts in the early 70's
Elvis Presley Neostyle Nautic 2 1972 - in concert (Madison Square Garden)
Fergie ( Black Eyed Peas ) Cartier Vendome Santos private life
Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) Cazal 867 "Glamorous" Live Performance on MTV'S SPRINGBREAK 2007
George Barris (King of Kustomizers) Cazal 955 Privat, SEMA 2006
George Clinton (Musician) Cazal 870 his all time favourite glasses
Gwen Stefani Cazal 905 On the cover of her album: "The Sweet Escape", at the 2007 Grammy Awards
Harrison Ford Algha Savile Row Panto Indiana Jones (1989)
Harvey Keitel Ray Ban Wayfarer 1992 - as Mr. White / Larry Dimmick in the debut movie by Quentin Tarantino "Reservoir Dogs"
Isaac Hayes Neostyle Nautic 2 his favorite pair of sunglasses
Jack Nicholson Ray Ban Signet Jack wore the sunglasses in the eigthies
Jack Nicholson Persol 69218 Ratti 2003 - Something's Gotta Give
Jackie Collins Persol 69218 Ratti occassionally in the 80s
Jalil Hutchins (WHODINI) Cazal 951 music video "Freaks come out at Night" (1984)
Jay Z Dunhill 6089 06-28-2008 On "Friday Night" with Jonathan Ross
Jay Z Persol 649 Ratti concert and private life
Jay-Z Alpina M1 Jay sports them at the beginning of the video "show me what you got" when sitting in a fast car.
Jay-Z Cartier Vendome Santos Bonnie & Clyde Music Video (In the telephone booth, 2nd verse)
Jeremy Piven Neostyle Nautic 2 movie Smokin' Aces (2007) - Jeremy Piven as Buddy 'Aces' Israel
JK (Jamiroquai) Cazal 951 1993 - PV "BLOW YOUR MIND"
Joan Collins Ray Ban Drifter occassionally in the 80's
John Belushi Ray Ban Wayfarer II Blues Brothers Movie 1980. Belushi trug die Wayfarer L2053 tortoise.
John F. Kennedy Ray Ban Wayfarer II - JFK 1962 - during the missile crisis (Cuba)
John Lennon Algha Round his trademark
John Travolta Ray Ban Caravan Breitling advertisement
Johnny Depp Ray Ban Shooter Movie - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Jude Law Ray Ban Wayfarer I Filmfestival Cannes
Julia Roberts Ray Ban Caravan Late show with David Latterman
Julia Roberts Persol 830 Ratti runaway bride
Kanye West Cazal 901 Targa - large Videoclip "Touch the sky" with Pamela Anderson
Kanye West Alpina M1 Grammy Awards 2006
Kanye West Porsche 5636 VH1 Storytellers performance 2010
Kanye West Cartier Vitesse part of his private collection
Kelly Osbourne Cazal 858 red carpet, 2009
Ken Yokoyama Cazal 856 RocknRolla he usually wears them
Kevin Costner Shuron RONSIR ZYL (the Clubmaster-design inventor) 1991 - movie "JFK"
Kim Bassinger Neostyle Jet ocassionally in her private life
Klaus Löwitsch Carrera 5631 Peter Strohm (TV-Serie)
Kool Moe Dee Porsche 5620 Album - How Ya Like Me Now
KOOL MOE DEE (US old school hip-hop legend) Porsche 5620 1986 till today - on several album covers, official photographs and many puplic occasions
Kristen Stewart (alias Bella in the movie "twilight") Lacoste 101 worn privately
Liam Gallagher Burberry 8451 During most of Oasis 2005-2006 world tour shows
Lindsay Lohan Boeing 5701 - Small she wore them on her last trip to New York (03/07)
Madonna Neostyle Academic ocassionally at shows and in her private life
Marcello Mastroianni Persol 649 Ratti In the film: Divorce, Italian Style.
Marcello Mastroianni Persol 69262 Ratti Movie "La Dolce Vita" (1960)
MC Hammer Cazal 951 On the 1988 record: "Let's get it started"
MC Hammer Cazal 858 in the music video to the song "U Can't Touch This"
Melanie Griffith Ray Ban Clubmaster going out privately
Michael Douglas Cartier Vendome Louis Cartier Movie, "Wall Street" During lunch scene on the patio
Michael Elliot "Mike" Epps Cazal 623 NBA Game Pacers vs. Magic (01/24/2012)
Michael J. Fox Zeiss 9236 movie picture "Back to the Future"
Michael Jackson Ray Ban Large Metal Announcement of his last show in London
Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Alpina M1 California 2006
Mickey Rourke Boeing 5710 Moviefestival Venezia/ Venedig 2008
Mike Reid as Doug Cazal 955 worn in the Guy Ritchie classic : "Snatch - Stealin' Stones and Breakin' Bones"
Moby Neostyle Jet ocassionally at shows and in his private life
Mos Def Cazal 315 2006- In "Blockparty" [live documentary movie in Brooklyn NY] he wears col.652
Mos Def Cazal 862 One of his favourite Cazal pairs
Musiq Soulchild Cazal 901 Targa 2008 "BET AWARDS"
MUSIQ SOULCHILD Alpina M1 "LUVANMUSIQ" (2007) album cover photo
Nas Porsche 5621 2007 - "Hustlers" ft. The Game (Music video)
Nas ( rapper ) Cazal 902 Targa private life
Nathan Morris (singer from "Boyz II Men") Cazal 958 1991 - on the cover of their debut album "Cooleyhighharmony"
Nicholas Cage Ray Ban Small Round Metal 47 worn as Benjamin Franklin Gates in the movie: "Book of Secrets"
Nicolas Cage Ray Ban Olympian II 1990 - as 'Sailor Ripley' in the movie 'Wild at Heart' ("Die Geschichte von Sailor und Lula")
Nicole Richie Christian Dior 2056 out in LA at summer 2007
Nicole Richie Ted Lapidus B09 Live appearance on TV
Nicole Richie Christian Dior 2475 She has a pair of these and can be seen often wearing them around LA.
Nicole Richie Dior 2450 often seen with them
Nicole Richie Christian Dior 2291 definitely her favourite pair ever. Every second picture in the www is showing her wearing them
Nikki Lauda Carrera 5595 1985 during Formula 1 Races in the pit lane
Oprah Winfrey Neostyle Jet ocassionally at shows and in her private life
P-Diddy Porsche 5628 Appearance on MTV - Making the Hip-Hop Band
P. Diddy Cazal 616 private life
Pamela Anderson Cazal 955 occasionally in her private life
Paris Hilton Carrera 5547 one of Paris Hilton's favourite shades, true Paris Hilton sunglasses style
Patrick Swayze Neostyle Boutique ocassionally in his private life
Paul Newman a.k.a. Fast Eddie Felson Cartier Vendome Louis Cartier The Movie "The Color of Money" During Quote, "I'm Back"
Peter Fonda Ray Ban Olympian I DeLuxe 1969 - movie "Easy Rider"
Peter Gabriel Neostyle Academic ocassionally at shows and in his private life
Philip Michael Thomas Alpina Quattro Miami Vice Season 2
Ray Charles Neostyle Nautic ocassionally at shows and in his private life
Richard Pryor Cartier Vendome Santos 1993 at the Phil Donahue Show
Rick Ross Cazal 901 Targa (Diamant Special Edition) BET AWARDS 2008
Rick Ross Cazal 858 Rick Ross Video "Here I Am" feat. Nelly. Beginning scene in car with girlfriend.
Rick Ross Cazal 642 In the video 'Here I am' about a minute and half
Rick Ross Cazal 903 music video "Cash Flow"
Rick Ross Alpina M1 Cover of his album "Deeper Than Rap"
Robert De Niro Carrera 5565 Movie "Cape Fear"
Robert De Niro Ray Ban Caravan "Taxi Driver" movie
Robert De Niro American Optical, Modell FG 58, Taxi Driver
Robert Deniro Carrera 5425 in the movie CASINO. in the pool scene and at the airport with Ginger
Robert Pattinson Ray Ban Clubmaster his all-time favorites
Run DMC Cazal 607 1988 - Grammy Awards
Scott Storch Boeing 5701 in the music video "You Ain't Built Like That".
Scott Storch Alpina M1 MTV Video
Scott Storch Porsche 5621 His all time favourite sunnies. Seen on many of his puplic appearances
Scott Storch Cazal 951 one of his favorite private sunglasses
Sean "P.Diddy" Combs Boeing 5704 Funkmaster Flex Custom Bike and Car Show
Snoop Dogg Christian Dior 2056 Worn in the "Sensual Seduction" music video (2008)
Steve McQueen Persol 714 Ratti Folding The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), Bullitt (1968), The Getaway (1972) and in his personal life
Steve McQueen Persol 649 Ratti private
Stevie Wonder Alpina M1 at various occassions
Stevie Wonder Cazal 951 "That's What Friends Are For" music clip
Sylvester Stallone Ray Ban Outdoorsman Movie "Cobra" 1986
Sylvester Stallone Neostyle College ocassionally in his private life
Sylvester Stallone Ray Ban Outdoorsman Cobra 1986
T.I. (US Rapper) Alpina M1 BET Awards 2008
Tim Roth Ray Ban Clubmaster 1992 - as Mr. Orange / Freddy Newendyke in the debut movie by Quentin Tarantino "Reservoir Dogs"
Toby Kebbell, alias Johnny Quid Cazal 856 movie RocknRolla (Guy Ritchie, 2008)
Tom Cruise Ray Ban Wayfarer I 1982 - movie "Risky Business"
Tom Cruise Ray Ban Large Metal Top Gun Movie 1986. Der klassische Pilotenfilm, Product-Placing Bausch&Lomb.
Tom Selleck Ray Ban Shooter TV series "Magnum" (1980`s)
Tommy Lee Jones Ray Ban Round Metal 49 1994 - as Ryan Gaerity in the movie "Blown Away"
Tony Parker (NBA Player and rapper) Cartier Vendome Santos video clip "Balance Toi" (2007)
Travis McCoy (from the band "Gym Class Heroes") Cazal 633 Music video “Peace Sign/Index Down”
Valentino Rossi Ray Ban Wayfarer II Moto GP, Grand Prix of Portugal, Estoril
Victoria Beckham Cazal 856 RocknRolla ocassionally in her private life
Victoria Beckham Alpina M1 unknow
Whoopie Goldberg Ray Ban Wayfarer I Video Clip of Michael Jackson "Liberian Girl" 1987
WILL I AM Porsche 5620 ABC TV red carpet
Will I Am Paloma Picasso 3728 personal
Will Smith Cazal 902 Targa ocassionally at shows and in his private life (seen at '', picture by famous Matt Sayles)
WILL.I.AM Dior 2151 TV show ( Victoria's secret fashion show) (William) Black Eyed Peas Ted Lapidus B09 Club scene in the movie "Be Cool" (2005) (William) Black Eyed Peas Cazal 642 from his private collection (William) Black Eyed Peas Ted Lapidus B09 Club scene in the movie "Be Cool" (2005)
Yoko Ono Porsche 5620 1981 - cover "Rolling Stone" magazine
Young Joc Cazal 901 Targa 2006 Videoclip "i know you see it"
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