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How can Vintage-Sunglasses.de possibly manage to regularly offer over 1000 unworn eyeglasses and sunglasses from the 1970s to the 1990s for so many years – even though production of these models stopped over 20 years ago?

Finding old storage facilities for original glasses

An incredible amount of work goes into finding old vintage glasses.

We visit trade fairs to forge contacts with old distributors or manufacturers. We also get in touch with opticians around the world and visit former production sites to try and find contact partners.

All of this not only takes time, but entails considerable costs.

Purchasing tracked down glasses

Once we find a hoard of old glasses, we purchase all the outstanding models.

Sometimes, we can even arrange a purchase by phone. Frequently, though, we have to travel personally to the locations to collect the old eyeglasses and sunglasses. But whether the sale is arranged by phone or on site, we always pay for the goods immediately.

Thanks to our payment practices, we are often recommended by word of mouth – which is certainly a help in our constant search to locate vintage glasses.

Refurbishing the glasses

Since the old vintage glasses lay slumbering undisturbed for decades, they normally need to be cleaned and ‘spruced up’. Here, our optician, a true expert in his field, can draw on over 40 years of practice.

The outstanding quality of these classic models, our extensive stock of old original replacement parts all play a role in helping our optician return these old vintage glasses to their former glory.

Presenting flawless glasses in our online shop

After the glasses have been professionally examined, we can offer them to glasses lovers around the world. Yet since our vintage glasses are normally all individual pieces, presenting them involves a surprising amount of work.

We not only need to photograph each model and write an individual description, but also carefully research and check all the details and background information.

We also have to maintain our online shop technically and optically so that browsing our vintage collection is even more fun.

Making customers happy with our vintage glasses

When a pair of vintage eyeglasses or sunglasses finally takes its place in a shopping cart, its long journey is nearly over. This is when our customer service kicks into action.

As a rule, we dispatch the glasses ordered within 24 hours, and take care of all the background administration from tracking the parcel to the bookkeeping – and of course finding new vintage treasures! 


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