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11 glasses
11 glasses
Alain Mikli 305 / 101
399.00 EUR
  • asymmetrical Alain Mikli Paris vintage 'art sunglasses'
  • designer piece from 1984 with an arrow of rhinestones
  • specifically made for the 'Haute Couture' Shows; Paris
  • unworn, one of a kind (like all our designer sunglasses)
  • a real collector's item / museum piece / article of virtu
  • NO RETRO, but a piece of fashion history by Alain Mikli
Alain Mikli 318 / 053
349.00 EUR
  • oversized french designer sunglasses by ALAIN MIKLI
  • the model looks like the shades of famous movie stars
  • extravagant, but noble & sophisticated (typically A.M.)
  • hand made frame is decorated with small rhinestones!
  • unworn; one of a kind (like all our rare vintage shades)
  • NO RETRO glasses; an old Mikli ORIGINAL from 1988
Cartier Grand Pavage
25,300.00 EUR
  • Cartier "Joaillerie' Collection: Vendôme 'GRAND PAVAGE'
  • 18kt (750) SOLID GOLD frame with 0.86 carat BRILLANTS
  • Grand Pavage was only made upon request & prepayment
  • basic price was 25.300 DM (dependent on the gold price)
  • LUXURY JEWELRY vintage sunglasses (25 grams of GOLD)
  • a precious, unworn ORIGINAL in LARGE size 62-14, 140!
  • !we DON'T accept credit cards or Paypal for this RARITY!
Cartier Vendome Santos - L
3,499.00 EUR
  • orig. vintage Cartier DIAMOND sunglasses from the 80's
  • extremely expensive refined frame for even more luxury
  • Santos screws have been replaced with REAL DIAMONDS!
  • each diamond with seperate mounting; (total app. 1 carat)
  • moreover with orig. Cartier sun lenses (with Cartier logo)
  • 2nd hand (LARGE size 62) frame, but in a mint condition
Cartier Vendome Santos - S
999.00 EUR
  • noble Cartier vintage sunglasses in small size 56°14, 130
  • original 80's aviator style Cartier Vendome Santos shades
  • refined frame for even more luxury, elegance and lifestyle
  • precious customized rarity with 9 rhinestones (handmade)
  • glittering and glamorous, one of a kind (UNISEX edition)
  • 2nd hand, but in a great vintage condition (+ Cartier case)
  • NO retro sunglasses; an ultra-rare old original from 1983
Casanova MTC 8
399.00 EUR
  • glamorous Casanova sunglasses from around 1985
  • great combination of color, shape & functionality
  • fancy details (clef on left side & gem on right side)
  • a true rarity and collector's item (a museum piece)
  • NOS - unworn (like all our artistic vintage eyewear)
  • NO retro eyeglass-frame, but an unique old original
Cazal 195
199.00 EUR
  • wonderful designer eyeglasses by CAZAL from the 80's
  • very interesting clear frame pattern with white stripes
  • with little color accents in deep-blue / turquoise / gold
  • ornamental srews with rhinestone appliqué on temples
  • original 80's frame (part of the US HipHop scene, then)
  • new old stock (like all out vintage eyeglasses by Cazal)
  • NO RETRO EYEWEAR, but 100% vintage ORIGINAL !!!
Cazal 199
169.00 EUR
  • rare CAZAL designer eyeglasses for women
  • vintage Cazal design of the 80s (app. 1988)
  • noble rhinestone appliqué on the red frame
  • unworn (like all our vintage Cazal eyewear)
  • NO retro glasses, but 100% vintage original
  • the DEMO lenses can be replaced optionally
Cazal 332
199.00 EUR
  • charming Cazal vintage designer eyeglass-frame
  • great combination of colors, materials & shape
  • ornamental screws with tiny shiny rhinestones
  • unworn (like all our rare vintage Cazal glasses)
  • NO RETRO, but a unique original from 1989/90!
  • Cazal DEMO lenses can be replaced optionally
Swarovski S547
249.00 EUR
  • glittering Daniel Swarovski 90's designer sunglasses
  • Swarovski = a synonym for "bling bling" & lead glass
  • but this sunglass' model has elegance, style & charm
  • new old stock, NOS (like all our rare vintage frames)
  • NO RETRO SHADES, but an app. 20 years old original
  • model comes with a hard case by Fabergé; check pics!
Theo Belgium Revoir
199.00 EUR
  • Theo Belgium: the most self-willed brand in the world
  • founded in 1989 as 'opposite pole' to the 'mainstream'
  • made for the avant-garde, individualists, trend-setters
  • brilliant round design with ten glittering rhinestones
  • unworn, one of a kind, THEO shades for all who dare ;)
  • so to speak: vintage sunglasses with representativeness