Lunor Octag Octagonal Vintage Eyeglasses, Lunor: shortcut for French "Lunette d'Or" (gold glasses), Made for Men and Women

Lunor Octag
Octagonal Vintage Eyeglasses

  • Lunor: shortcut for French "Lunette d'Or" (gold glasses)
  • traditional German brand; quality handmade in Germany
  • well-known for the "W-bridge" & the plain frame designs
  • unworn RARITY (for all lovers of quality) from app. 1996
  • NO RETRO EYEGLASSES; but a luxury vintage ORIGINAL
  • the LUNOR frame comes with an original Lunor wood case
Product Details
Made forMen and Women
Colorantique metal
Made inGermany
Item No.Lunor-Octag-B-6027
117 mm
25 mm
130 mm

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