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The Elvis Sunglasses

Neostyle model „Nautic 2" worn by Elvis Presley

The famous Nautic Series by Neostyle

The most famous fancier of the neostyle sunglasses was Elvis Presley. He wore the “Nautic 2” model during his legendary Madison square performance in 1972 and consequently contributed immensely to its popularity.

Elvis with Neostyle Nautic vintage sunglasses


Elvis Presley And Neostyle

The success story of Neostyle began in 1961 in the region surrounding Stuttgart (South Germany).
A very short period of time Neostyle became well known on account of unbelievable quality and functionality all over the world. The most famous fancier of the Neostyle sunglasses was Elvis Presley. He wore the model "Nautic 2" at his concert in Madison Square Garden and helped Neostyle with such promotion to aquire even greater fame. 
Nothing has changed since then: glasses and sunglasses of Neostyle decorated throughout the decades enhanced many prominent faces.
Here are some examples of known Neostyle-fans and the matching models: 
Ray Charles - Neostyle Nautic, 
Peter Gabriel - Neostyle Academic, 
Demi Moore - Neostyle Jet, 
Elvis Presley - Neostyle Nautic, 
Kim Bassinger - Neostyle Jet, 
David Bowie - Neostyle College, 
R Kelly - Neostyle Nautic and Neostyle Mozart, 
Sylvester Stallone - Neostyle College, 
Queen Elizabeth - Neostyle Boutique, 
Don King - Neostyle Nautic, 
Madonna - Neostyle Academic, 
Patrick Swayze - Neostyle Boutique, 
Oprah Winfrey - Neostyle Jet, 
Moby - Neostyle Jet, 
Elizabeth Taylor - Neostyle Dynasty & Neostyle Society.

The famous Nautic-Series and other beautiful Neostyle-Originals are to be found on our website in the "Neostyle" category.

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