Metzler 495 Gold Filled 70's Frame

Metzler 495
Gold Filled 70's Frame

  • antique Metzler eyeglasses from the 70's - GOLD FILLED!
  • gold doublé frame in 1/10 10k proportion; precious rarity
  • incredible top-quality (almost impossible to find; today)
  • forerunner of the legendary 'HIP-HOP Cazal 616' design
  • professional refurbished 2nd hand model (ready to wear)
  • a small finish abrasion (on temples) shows the gold core
  • NO RETRO GLASSES; but a rare 40! years old ORIGINAL!
Product Details
Made forMen
Colorsilver / marbled grey
Made inGermany
Item No.M-495-B-6006
135 mm
50 mm
135 mm

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